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Can I move my existing email list to Action Network?

Your Existing Mailing List

If you have been using mailing list management software, like MailChimp or have a list of addresses stored on Gmail, you won't want to lose contact with those people.

The only email addresses that we'll be able to move across immediately to Action Network are people who have also signed up to the XRUK list. Contact the Action Network Data Team so we can transfer this data in a GDPR compliant way.

Once this first step is done, the easiest way to continue this process is to send out an email to everyone who wasn't transferred to encourage them to join the AN list e.g.

We are moving to a new email system and will no longer be sending out news and announcements from this system/address. To opt into this new mailing system just visit* and enter your details.

*If this hasn't been set up for your group yet, read more about this tailored short link.