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Joining the Hub and Finding your Course Schedule

The Foundation Programme Getting Started on the Foundation Progr...

💚 Hello Students! Welcome to the Foundation Programme 💚 We have created a direct link to the Foundation Programme Course Schedule form so that you can access the course without first joining the XRUK Hub. More information here. Everyone applying to the course ...

Joining the Foundation Programme

Directory of Talks and Training

To apply to the Foundation Programme via the Volunteer Website, click here. This course will deepen your understanding and support your involvement in XR. It isn't necessary to take part in the Foundation Programme to get involved in XR. However, it's a gre...

Zoom Sessions

The Foundation Programme Learning on Zoom

This section describes the various Zoom sessions that you will find in the Foundation Programme, how to register for them and what to do if you can't attend. FP Community Meetings During your course, there are several opportunities to get together with the FP ...

Hosted Training Sessions

The Foundation Programme Learning on Zoom

In the Foundation Programme, all live Hosted Training sessions are with expert trainers and it is best to attend these in person wherever possible. If you can't manage to come to a session, you may have the option of booking a later date or watching a recorde...

Training via Rebel Toolkit and Rebellion Academy

The Foundation Programme

XR uses a lot of different tools and platforms! The Hub, Mattermost, UK Cloud, Rebel Toolkit, Rebellion Academy etc. The different platforms have evolved over time and been created by different teams. We know this can be confusing but we recommend rolling with...

Get involved in XRUK - apply for the Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme provides a solid understanding of our work and is useful for anyone simply looking to find out more about XRUK. It also provides support, personal connections and all the tools you need for a flying start if you are looking to contribu...

What next? Your ideal role

The Foundation Programme After the Foundation Programme

We hope the Foundation Programme has inspired you to volunteer either for a role in your nearest Local Group see this map, or for a role in a regional, national or UK-wide team, as advertised on the Volunteer website. Roles listed on the Volunteer Website can ...

Types of Work

The Foundation Programme After the Foundation Programme

The volunteer roles on the XRUK Volunteer Website can be filtered by 'Types of Work': Actions These groups plan and support specific actions and rebellions which need UK-wide involvement. Normally you would need to be referred by a trusted rebel and already h...

Taking That First Step

Post Training Resources Welcome to XR For New Joiners

Hello! You may have been motivated to join XR because you've decided that you must take action now. Or maybe you simply want to find out more about XR and increase your knowledge of the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE). Still, taking that first step can ...

Getting Connected

Post Training Resources Welcome to XR For New Joiners

Telegram Download the Telegram app to your phone. Once you have the Telegram app, open the Rebel Toolkit in a browser on your phone. Come to this page on the Rebel Toolkit and click on the green links below to join these channels. Movement Broadcast | Rebellio...

... And Finally ...

Post Training Resources Welcome to XR For New Joiners

Organising Can Cost A Lot Thank you all so much for reading our chapter. The team at Welcome to XR hopes you found it helpful and interesting. Extinction Rebellion relies on people like you to keep up the fight and our hope is that you choose to become involve...

How XR started and where it is going

Post Training Resources Welcome to XR For New Joiners

How Extinction Rebellion Was Born - watch and share this 6-minute video about Extinction Rebellion. Declaration of Rebellion - a powerful and emotional statement read outside the Houses of Parliament when Extinction Rebellion was launched in October 2018. In A...

The Science Bit

Post Training Resources Welcome to XR For New Joiners

The Climate and Nature Emergency If you'd like to learn more about the science and what we're all facing, join one of our flagship talks, made by Scientists for XR, called Heading For Extinction (and what to do about it). You can join a live talk on Zoom or wa...

Getting Active and Learning More

Post Training Resources Welcome to XR For New Joiners

You can become involved with XR in several different ways. Just choose the way that suits you best. Remember... it is okay to change to another kind of activity, but please step up and join us. If not you, who? If not now, when? STOP PRESS - RESTORE NATURE NOW...

Full Slide Set

Design, Develop and Deliver Training Welcome to XR for Speakers

Welcome to XR - Slides - the full slide set for a Welcome to XR talk, some of which contain clickable links.