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Getting Active and Learning More

You can become involved with XR in several different ways. Just choose the way that suits you best. Remember... it is okay to change to another kind of activity, but please step up and join us. If not you, who? If not now, when?


Find out more here**

To find an XR group near you, or a Community Group:

Join Us - Local and Community groups map and contact information.

Keen to find out about a role and join a Working Group?

Volunteer Website - apply for a role or create an account to let us know your skills and interests.

  • Nonviolent Direct Action workshop is an interactive, 3-hour session with breaks.
  • Or you can take the - NVDA module on the Rebellion Academy (XR's online learning platform) in your own time. You will need to create an account on the Rebellion Academy so you can save your progress.
  • Know Your Rights[KYR] (updated Nov 2023) - is key information for everyone. It's focused on UK [Westminster] law. For actions outside England and Wales, your local group or region or nation should be able to offer advice.
  • NB There have been changes to the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Act. For the most updated information please read the Know Your Rights info - linked above.
To access XRUK events, including actions, local group activities and training:

You can view the Movement Calendar (link below) on a platform called Teamup. If you prefer to use an app, you can download that from the Playstore or AppStore and then open our Movement Calendar within the app.
👁 You can view the whole calendar, or any part(s) of it.
🔹 Click on the left-hand colour bars to show or hide one or more calendars.
🔹 Use the search box to filter local events that interest you (note that secret actions are not included in public view).

Got an action, event or announcement to bring to the calendar?
✍️ Fill in the M&M Comms Requests form

Want to study and learn more about XR?

We run lots of Talks, Training and Workshops. Find out more here:

The Rebel Toolkit is XR's online library of resources - the website you're using right now!

Rebellion Academy offers a variety of online training modules you can study in your own time. When you complete a module, you earn a badge. OK, it's a virtual one, but it's still a badge!

Foundation Programme gives you a thorough grounding in who we are and how we work. You can access all our key talks, training and workshops and be well-supported with how to get more involved in XR.

Here Comes Everyone!!!