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Taking That First Step

Hello! You may have been motivated to join XR because you've decided that you must take action now. Or maybe you simply want to find out more about XR and increase your knowledge of the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE). Still, taking that first step can be a challenge.

This 2 minute video made by a new member - Shelley - might help reassure some of you.

Within XR we acknowledge that our increasing awareness of what we're all facing can sometimes lead to feelings of anxiety and sadness and many struggle with these emotions.

For some, making connections with other rebels helps hugely; we are not alone anymore. Joining in, and trying to be part of the solution, is empowering and liberating since 'Action brings hope'.

XR is also a family with lots of support available when it’s needed. XR’s Trained Emotional Support Network offers the Rebel2Rebel active listening service and facilitates access to 3 free sessions of talking thrapy with the Climate Psychology Alliance.

There are also XR support groups such as Listening Circles and Empathy Cafes, as well as lots of courses and support from the Regenerative Cultures Team. You can find these in a number of places, such as the XRUK website Events page, Facebook and on a chat app that XR uses called Telegram - a bit like WhatsApp. All the links you need are in this chapter.

**If you're new to XR, here is a taster from one of our major actions - the Impossible Rebellion in 2021

Or have a look round our website -
XRUK website

And here's The Climate Quiz - online or a printable version - share it with your friends and family. It could be a way to open a conversation about the emergency.

If you registered for Welcome to XR but weren't able to join and would like to join another time, the talk takes place every Tuesday evening from 7-8.30pm and you're warmly invited to stay until 9pm as we allow 30 minutes for questions and discussions after the session. Find the links via the Movement Broadcast.

Alernatively, you can watch a Video recording - Welcome to XR! [10th May 2023]

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you again.

Love and Courage

The Welcome to XR Team