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07. Media and Messaging

One stop shop for all your Media, Messaging and Communications needs.

02. Group Building

Build a healthy, resilient, empowering and enjoyable Local Group, Community Group, Affinity Group etc.

04. Actions

Everything to help you plan and execute your own action (before, during and after). Information on attending an action as a participant, volunteering in an Action Support role and arrestee and legal support guidance. Also included are many examples of desi...

10. Tech and Data

Support guides and information for using XR's online platforms, and other online tech tools that you are likely to use within XR.

01. Intro to XR

Begin your journey from couch to rebel!

08. Outreach and Integration

Growing our movement from initial contact to involvement in supporting to taking part in NVDA

05. Talks and Training

Talks and Training can fit in at any part of the Rebel Journey They can be attended, delivered or developed by you and your group: - using resources here - or accessed here using video recordings and documents here - or you can book someone to give a Tal...

11. XRUK Circles Resources

This shelf has some publicly available books. It is also available for teams to store books with specialised information which will only be viewable when a user logs in to the Rebel Toolkit with a Hub login.

09. Access and Inclusion

12. Archive

Open Calls and older resources and info from actions packs etc which could be useful to refer to, reflect upon, reuse, recycle!

03. Current Campaigns