02. Group Building

Quickly and confidently taking on the values, qualities & intentions of an XR Rebel group can seem daunting
Here on Shelf 2, are the resources you need to get yourself and your group up and running quickly and efficiently

Start and develop your group into a resilient, robust and innovative team, able to mount effective actions using these resources

As with all the content here, contact us at xrcommunities@gmail.com if there's something we need to add, remove or explain

Building Local Groups

Resources on starting up new Local Groups, organising in Local Groups and growing your groups.

Building Teams

Resources for you and your team. From starting off, to resolving issues to the best practices we ...

Integrator Handbook

**** Under construction **** This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (W...

Rebel Starter Pack

The Rebel Starter Pack may be your very first link to Extinction Rebellion. It covers some of the...

Rebel Next Steps Pack

This pack is for rebels who have read the Rebel Starter Pack, agree with what we stand for and no...

Action Network for XR

This book contains documentation for how to use the Action Network system to email, target, and c...

Rebel Pathway Resources - Lonely Planet for XR

Welcome XR explorers! Here are the resources we have compiled and/or created to help you get arou...

Buddying New Rebels

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Art and creative guidance in all its XR glory.

Connecting with the Community

So mobilising people to join the Rebellion is only one side of the coin. We need to offer an alte...

Community Building Tested Methods

Has your Group tried one of the ideas in the Toolkit or have you come up with your own to add? Pl...

Mobilising the Community

Keep it simple, focus on mobilising energies where we know it’ll work – reaching and energising L...

Affinity Groups - building, joining and support

An AG is a group of people who support each other to take part in nonviolent direct action (NVDA)