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Adding Subscribers

Action Network for XR

Error Messages and Problems

Action Network for XR


Action Network for XR

Extra information for people wanting to dig a little deeper in to what Action Network is capable of.

Start Here

Action Network for XR

Overview, training, admin access and contact details

Events and Forms

Action Network for XR

These are called 'actions' in Action Network jargon.

How to get your content promoted by XR UK

M&M Get Started


Action Support

Everything you might want to know about stewarding events, actions, marches.


Other Online Tech Tools

A well-recognised ticketing system for paid-for ticketed events, charging a fee for each ticket sale. There is also a free option for free events. Reasons to use Eventbrite could be: - you want to charge for tickets to your event (Eventbrite will do all th...

Welcome to XR For New Joiners

Post Training Resources

💚 Hello and Welcome to XR! Thank you for stepping up. Please look on this chapter of the Rebel Toolkit as your personal "Guide Book" to key information about XR. Here you will find all the links mentioned in the national online Welcome to XR talk, and some ...


Post Training Resources

We choose to practice NVDA out of principle and because it is proven to be more successful in creating a stable transition than other kinds of resistance. NVDA is also more inclusive, attracting people from wider segments of society. Nonviolence makes it harde...

Managing your finances

Finance and Fundraising

Fundraising for Local Groups, Regions and Nations

Finance and Fundraising

How to help XRUK fundraise

Finance and Fundraising

XRUK Actions Strategy 2023/24 Phase 1

Action Planning

Building towards the mother of all mass mobilisations in 2024 The one where we stay for as long as it takes Here comes everyone, everywhere

Flyers, banners, posters and more

Outreach Methods and Materials

Case studies

Outreach Methods and Materials

Political Letter Writing

Rebel from Home

Letters and templates of letters which you can use to help you when you are writing to your MPs, Local Councillors, Mayors or the Prime Minister

Considering an arrest

Arrestee and Legal Support

Legal guidance - going on a protest

Arrestee and Legal Support

Some text indicating what a rebel can find here. Can be quite short.

(From original material) Informed Dissent Resources

Arrestee and Legal Support

There is no such thing as an 'unarrestable offence'. This is something we should all know when participating in a protest. But, as we also know knowledge is power. Being well equipped with the knowledge of your rights and duties in regards to yourself and othe...