Adding Images

To add an image to a page:

  • prepare a suitably-sized image. Most photos need their resolution reducing for publishing on the web. See the Resizing Images page for instructions,
  • click in the text at the point where you want the image to appear,
  • click the "Insert Image" button in the editor above the main text pane,
  • either:
    - drag your image from Windows Explorer (or the equivalent for your computer) into the grey area top right where it says "Drop images or click here to upload",
  • or:
    - click on the grey area top right where it says "Drop images or click here to upload", and select an image,
  • click on the image you have just uploaded,
  • click SELECT IMAGE,
  • the Markdown code to display the image will appear in your page.

You can also drag an image file directly into the main text area of the editor. However this not recommended because the image will be given a numeric name, and not the name of the file it came from. If you have done this, you can rename any image via the "Insert Image" button mentioned earlier: click on the image, edit the name and click SAVE. Images can be deleted via the same screen using the dustbin icon.

Please try to use sensible names for your images so that they are easier to manage.

Note that the Rebel Toolkit is not meant as a repository for artwork, photos, videos etc: store such items in the UK Cloud or the Global Media Library, and refer across to them from a page on the Rebel Toolkit.