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Not in a Working Group but want to add your resources to the Toolkit?

The Rebel Toolkit is a resource for everyone, built by our rebels. Therefore, if you are a Rebel in a Local Group, a Community Group or in anyway involved and you feel like you have something to add, then please let us know!

What to Add?

So your group has done something cool!

  • Have you used a tool or resource in an exciting way?
  • Have you created something new you would like to share?
  • Have you tried something that worked well or maybe didn't work as expected?
  • Have you done something which resulted in a step forward?

We want to hear about it all! If you have brought your MP to the table, dropped a banner, used a Peoples' Assembly to define your strategy, embedded your group into your local community... The list goes on!

How to Add?

Simply send your resource to the Rebel Toolkit team) and let us know:

  • Who it was made by (the name of your group, nor an individual's name)
  • Why you think it would be useful for other groups
  • How we can contact you if we have questions, or think it isn't an appropriate resource for the toolkit.

What to put in the resource?

  1. Who are you?

Are you writing about your Local Group or about your Affinity group? Maybe it is something you have done as an individual citizen or something you have done in collaboration with another community.

Let us know who you are and how we can connect with you if we have questions. Importantly, please use public email addresses or your mattermost handle rather than your private contact!

  1. What is the resource you are sharing?

This will decide where on the Toolkit you will want to put your resource; it's often not as clear cut as "which working group did it" since an action may belong on the actions shelf or it may belong on the political shelf due to its effects.

We recommend asking yourself "what is the key take away?" Is your resource focussed on how you planned the action and carried it out or is it focussed on how you can use actions to forward your political campaign?

This will also likely change how you will write your article.

  1. What happened?

To start off your resource, summarise what happened and what the article will be about at the top of the page. Let us know what aspect you will be focussing on, what happened and what the result was in brief.

Know that your audience is likely to be rebels from other groups who may be interested in trying out what you did in their area or building on your ideas; so you want to let them know what is in your article or resource.

  1. How was it planned and organised?

This is where we start to go into a lot more detail since this is what groups need to know if they want to replicate or build upon your success.

So think about how long it took to plan, what had to be in place, who was involved, how many people were involved. Did you need to make connections outside of your group? Did you need specific skills like carpentry or first aid? If you chose a location, how did you make that choice; what was involved in the thought process? Did you have any contingency plans in place?

What about the idea itself, where did that come from, was it changed at all in the planning process? If your resource is on an organisational structure, how did you write the proposal, how did you identify the gap and how did you land on a mandate?

  1. How did it go down?

Let us know what happened. Timings, hiccups, strokes of luck, how much went as planned and how much just fell into place.

  1. What was the result?

Why do you consider this a success? Did it change a dynamic in your group? Did you make a splash in the media? Did it result in a step towards a larger goal? How do those involved feel about it now. How was it received in your group and outside it?

Or are you sharing this resource because it wasn't a success? Were key mistakes made? What mess did it make and how, if at all, have you managed to clean it up?

Vitally, what did you learn!

  1. What would you have done differently?

Here you can start to add your ideas and suggestions. Do you feel like you could have done it better? How would you adapt what you did to different situations?

Things to Remember

The number one thing to remember is that this is a public platform, so please treat it accordingly!

  • Don't put your private contact details into your submissions; we would love to know who to contact for advice if we we want to replicate what you did but for your security it would be better to use your mattermost handle or a generic email such as your Local Group's address.
  • Don't refer to rebels by name in a resource.