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Talk to the public about citizens' assemblies

A street talk is a great way to engage people about Citizens' Assemblies.

This talk is designed to be given:

  • by any rebel
  • with no speaker training
  • with minimal preparation; just read out if you don’t have time to learn it
  • for a group of listeners
  • within a regenerative approach - pauses to breathe and allow absorption; slow down for added meaningful impact and absorption

Remember, this talk will be many people’s first experience with XR: Be open, kind, respectful.

Great in conjunction with an outreach event or an action.

If you need more guidance on giving this street talk contact Mattermost citizens assembly working group or email

Guidance for Speakers
Download as Cloud-OnlyOffice doc or Google doc

Citizens' Assembly Street Talk - 2 and 5 min versions
Download as Cloud-OnlyOffice doc or Google doc