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Create a Rebellion Academy Training

First, please watch the Video Guide.

Title of lesson/section

Please remember that each lesson should stand alone from other lessons and be a learning goal in its own right.

Introductory video or text

Please provide us with one of these, to put the topic in context and explain why it is important:

  • an introductory video
  • selfie-video of yourself or someone else briefly introducing this lesson
  • some text that we can turn into a selfie-video for you

Learning outcomes (optional)

OPTIONAL: please provide us with the learning outcomes for your training – what will rebels be able to do at the end of the training that they could not do at the start? If you leave this blank we will work them out for you based on the learning material.

Learning materials

This is the main block of information for your lesson – the core information, activities, perspectives that you want rebels to take away. Please include any videos, text, infographics, links or images that you would like us to include. If you want to divide this up into multiple parts that’s fine – you can structure this however you want.

Case studies

This is what the principles, perspectives etc. look like in practice. It’s a story of someone applying them. Please include one of the following:

  • a real-life example of where this has been used elsewhere (outside of XR) – either a video or text
  • a personal story from someone, talking about an experience they have had (good or bad) or how they feel about the materials in this lesson
  • You can include multiple case studies here if you want to

Your turn

Please think about an interactive activity that could be offered. The purpose of the activity is to give rebels some practice in applying the principles, perspectives etc. We can help you with this section if needed – it can be very hard to design and some lessons can be even harder than others. However, the more you can give us for this, the quicker your training can go live on Rebellion Academy.

Some options that we have available are:

  • poll – rebels can choose from a list of possible options, and after they have chosen they can see what everyone else picked. It can work well if you’ve given them something to reflect on and then follow it up with this
  • drag and drop – get rebels to consider links/connections/purposes etc. by getting them to drag various text boxes or images into buckets
  • branching task – create a branching scenario, e.g. a conversation
  • interactive video – the video can pause and ask them questions as they go
  • forum – ask rebels to post in the forum in answer to some questions you ask them

Review and Reflect (optional)

OPTIONAL: provide us with some questions that you want the rebels to reflect on based around the learning objectives.

Additional resources / further reading

If possible, please provide one or more additional links/attachments/videos etc. that rebels can refer to if they want to find out more.

Quiz questions

If possible, please suggest some questions that rebels can use to assess whether they have understood the key points correctly. These can be

  • multiple choice or true/false questions;
  • matching questions where rebels match a concept to a category or a context where it would be appropriate to use the idea;
  • possibly drag and drop challenges, as described above.

The questions should focus on the elements of what has been covered in the lesson. So that, if a rebel gets the wrong answer, they might go back to the relevant part of the lesson to check their understanding, and then have another go.

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