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Community Groups

What are Community Groups?

XR includes lots of diverse groups of people with common interests or identities, from profession, faith, life stage, or other connections and backgrounds such as ethnicity, gender or sexual identity. But fundamentally we all share our XR values. And we’re definitely stronger together!

That’s where XR Communities comes in: we meet fortnightly so we can come together to support and learn from one another, by getting to know one another and sharing our different ideas, creativity and plans. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone!

Join a Community Group

XR Community Groups are a way for people to connect, work together and support one another through communities of shared self-identity e.g. faith, profession, ethnicity or sexual identity.

A list of community groups is on the XRUK website.

Start a new Community Group

There is always room for more! Could you moblise your community? Get in touch with the Community Groups circle via their Mattermost Reception or by email

Actions by Community Groups

Here are some examples of recent actions by some Community Groups:

Health For XR Over 60 health professionals joined hundreds of protesters outside the Energy Intelligence forum – the recently rebranded ‘Oil and Money’ conference – the largest annual gathering of oil companies and their backers.

Health professional in sombre die-in action on road outside conference

Christian Climate Action - The Church of England Pensions Board and Church Commissioners announced they were divesting from fossil fuel companies after a series of prayerful protests at Cathedrals across England and Wales.

Coal is killing humanity large banner protest at church service

XR Scientists - In September 2023 to coincide with the publication of the 'State of Nature' report, XR Scientists joined more than 40 non-governmental organisations and environmental groups at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in London.

Scientists in white lab coats holding various placards