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Organising can cost a lot!

Extinction Rebellion relies on people like you to keep up the fight and our hope is that you choose to become involved with XR in whatever way you can.

As you can imagine, trying to save the planet is pretty costly. Fossil fuel companies and polluters have their claws deep into government and are spending millions lobbying politicians to fight legislation that will impact their profits. Basically, they want to make sure it stays "business as usual". We can't let this happen, so we're asking for your help.

Donating to XRUK supports volunteers with costs essential to plan attention-grabbing actions and campaigns. It helps in the creation and safe storing of our wonderfully iconic artful resources. Money is provided to Nations and Regions to spend as they need. It covers costs of leaflets, posters and other resources. Donating also provides for our communications platforms, meeting tools and website.

Could you become a regular giver to XRUK?

XR is funded entirely by generosity, and without individuals like you we couldn't do our work. It makes such a difference.

Being an XR UK monthly donor is a form of direct action that helps us to achieve urgent change. Whether it’s £20 or £5 it all helps. And if you aren’t able to make such a commitment then another way to support is by donating a one-off gift whenever you can.

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