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Organising Can Cost a Lot

Extinction Rebellion relies on people like you to keep up the fight and our hope is that you choose to become involved with XR in whatever way you can.

As you can imagine, trying to save the planet is pretty costly. Fossil fuel companies and polluters have their claws deep into government and are spending millions lobbying politicians to fight legislation that will impact their profits. Basically, they want to make sure it stays "business as usual". We can't let this happen, so we're asking for your help.

Could you become an XR regular giver?

XR is funded entirely by generosity, and without individuals like you we couldn't do our work. It makes such a difference. These are the most important givers as you allow us to make plans and act in ways that are most effective. We're asking for ideally £5 a week. If you can give a little more, even better - or you can choose a donation amount that works for you.

All you have to do is either scan the QR code below or visit Donate For Life, and it'll take you to the page where you can become a regular giver.

You can give for as long as you feel you can and, when you feel you've done your bit, all the details for contacting XR are in the email we’ll send you. It's so appreciated, so grab your phone, give it a scan and give us the support we need to keep up the fight for the future.

Thank you!

Why does XR need money?

Extinction Rebellion UK spends around £1m a year on its basic activities, which include:

  • Supporting a range of volunteers with essential costs, including people who support our movement through their involvement in UK wide teams, with: resources, training, strategies, regional and national coordination, fundraising, etc.

  • Carefully planning a huge array of national and UK-wide, attention-grabbing strategies, actions and campaigns

  • Creating and safely storing of our wonderfully iconic artful resources

  • Sharing money with nations and regions, to spend as they need. Some of this will help support local groups with leaflets, posters and other support resources

  • Providing, updating and supporting our communications platforms, meeting tools and website

  • Running trainings and talks to spread the news about the climate and ecological emergency, our three demands and amplification of complementary messages of our allies and partners

  • Providing financial and budgeting processes

The more funds we have the more effective we can be in the face of the climate and biodiversity crises. Money helps us work towards achieving our three demands and building this movement of movements

Please bear in mind that Extinction Rebellion can only ask for donations which will be used to fund legal activities.