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Street Outreach Skills Training

Handy tips & tricks (see handout below) and how to use 'ALLESHA' for effective street outreach:
  • A for Ask a question.
  • L for Listen.
  • L for LISTEN twice as long as you usually do! We often want to interrupt, give facts, etc too soon.
  • E for Empathise. Say "I understand that you are concerned about..." or "You seem to be feeling a bit hopeless".
  • S is for sharing your personal story of why you are involved.
  • H is for Hope. Talk about historical / current examples, e.g. Suffragettes, Gay rights, Civil Rights Movement / Acquittals of activists, successful prosecution of the government.
  • A is for inviting them to ACT... GET THEM TO the Sign-up / Info table. Ask them to join the mailing list, take a leaflet, come to this event, take a photo of the activity and share it on Social Media, etc. Better still, have a clipboard in your hand to sign up now for the mailing list and take their phone number. Start at the bottom of the ladder with simple actions.

Street Outreach Skills HANDOUT with further linked resources

Recording of the training

Sign-up Resources

This page - Local Group Sign-ups - will give you a link to a folder which contains QR Codes and downloadable pager sign-up forms - it also has useful info about Action Network - a way for Local Groups to have an email contact list - there's excellent training on how to use Action Network which is also linked on the page.

Please Note: when you open the folder of QR Codes and paper sign-up forms, scroll down to the bottom for the forms and download from there.

Organising Takes Support!

Thank you all so much for reading this.

Extinction Rebellion relies on people like you to keep up the fight and the hope is you choose to become involved with XR in whatever way you can.

We have lots of roles and if you haven't yet found your place in XR, we’ll find one that allows you to make the best contribution - check out the Volunteer website for the roles currently being advertised or you can create an account and add your skills, experience and amount of hours you can volunteer so groups can contact you.

We do have one more thing we’d like to ask you. XR is funded entirely by generosity, and without you all we couldn't do our work.

As you can imagine trying to save the planet is pretty costly. Fossil fuel companies and polluters have their claws deep into government and are spending millions lobbying politicians to fight legislation that will impact their profits. Basically, they want to make sure it stays business as usual. We can't let this happen, so we're asking for your help.

We want you to become an XR regular giver. They are the most important givers as you allow us to make plans and act in ways that are most effective. We're asking for just £5 a week, but it makes such a difference, if you can give a little more even better or you can choose a donation amount that works for you.

All you have to do is either select the link here or scan the QR code below, and it'll take you to the page where you can become a regular giver. You can give for as long as you feel you can, all the details for contacting XR when you feel you've done your bit, is in the email we’ll send you and it's so appreciated. So grab your phones, give it a scan and give us the support we need to keep up the fight for the future. Thank you!