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Links and short URL

Short URL are very handy on social media since space can sometime come as a premium (especially on Twitter/X).

How to create a short URL

You can use our in-house solution: (you will need a Hub / Mattermost account to log in).

You can also use other online tools such as or tiny.url.

Copy your long URL then paste it in the tool of your choice and convert it.


LinkTree is a great tool to add to your social media accounts.

An image tells a thousand words so check out this example.

Many Instagram accounts use it as an alternative to non-clickable links. They will create a post, and instead of writing something like "For more information, check this link" they will write "For more information, check the link in our bio / profile". And the link for the campaign they mentioned in their post will be linked in their LinkTree.

It's also a very convenient URL to put on your leaflets and posters.

Learn how to use LinkTree with this tutorial (6 min).