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Key Information


Location - Windsor
10-15min walk from the Windsor railway station

Start: Friday 30th August at 10am
End : Sunday 1st September at 5pm

⛺ This event will involve camping (but also the option to join for a day), there will be a lot of creative elements and everyone will be encouraged to take on a role
💬 Information via Telegram app - a broadcast-only channel and a two-way 'chat' channel
❓ Can't find information you need? Contact:


To put the words Upgrade Democracy and our 3rd demand for Citizens' Assemblies onto the front page of the tabloids and the evening news. This is an XR action to target our broken system - with no compromises, others can join us, but this is our show!

More info

coming soon...

  • Massembly, Saturday 1-4pm
  • Paint the Streets campaign
  • Letter writing from home
  • Information on event access and inclusivity is on the way, to discuss access needs email