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Messaging and Design

Upgrade Democracy Messaging and Design

Upgrade Democracy will protest against our broken political system and demand an urgent upgrade to UK democracy. The unwritten constitution fails us from top to bottom. We demand better at all levels; from the head of state to local councils.

XRUK will target the aristocrats, oligarchs and corporate interests that infect and distort the political system for their own benefit and at our expense. Everyday people fighting for climate justice, global justice, social justice and justice for nature will unite.

Together we will demand a democratic upgrade in a location where multiple parts of our failing system intersect and where our message will powerfully resonate.

Slogans and Hastags

XRUK banner slogans:

  • Upgrade Democracy
  • This is what democracy looks like
  • Decide together

Primary Hashtags:

  • #UpgradeDemocracy
  • #DecideTogether
  • #CitizensAssembly


Colour scheme: Neon pink and acid yellow

Packing a punch, these two colours (with black) are not to be ignored.

colours for UD


XR UK demands that everyday people be included in the decision-making process affecting their lives. We need to #UpgradeDemocracy and ensure this process involves learning, listening, collaborating, and making decisions together for the common good. This demand is already rooted in the movement -

Decide Together

We demand a culture of participation, fairness and transparency. The Government must create and be led by a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice. Only the common sense of ordinary people will help us navigate the challenging decisions ahead.

This is the answer to the interconnected crises, and the role our broken system plays in perpetuating self-interest over survival.

Social Media


English language flyer
Welsh language flyer

Also you might be interested in having some Citizens' Assembly flyers, which you can find here

Outreach Flyer