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XR Foundation Programme

Integrator Handbook

The Foundation Programme will cover a lot of your induction and onboarding work! Invite your new ...

Inducting your new rebels: Checklist

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new rebels

Checklist template This checklist template is a tool you can use to keep track of how far thro...

How we learn from one another

Rebel Next Steps Pack

Principle 5: we value reflection and learning. We never know how things will change, so we try...

How do we genuinely welcome everyone?

Integrator Handbook Preparing for new rebels

Principle 6: we welcome everyone and every part of everyone. We need to build inclusivity an...

How we communicate

Rebel Next Steps Pack

Our main communication tools are brought together on The Hub. Once on the Hub, you can see and...


Upskilling Rebels On the Ground Roles

Part of our purpose as rebels is to Tell the Truth, so engaging with the general public during a ...

Affinity Group Roles

Upskilling Rebels On the Ground Roles

In each Affinity Group, is advised to have certain designated roles covered and a back-up for eac...

Witnessing an Arrest

Upskilling Rebels On the Ground Roles

When at a protest, there is no such thing as people who are 'non-arrestable'. This is because of ...

The Foundation Programme - find your ideal role

Upskilling Rebels Behind the Scenes Roles

Join the XR Foundation Programme This is a 4 week part-time course (6-8hrs/week) primarily for p...

Vision Reminder

Integrator Handbook

Vision Reminder - also known as the Solemn Intention Statement

Stoke Newington Community Listening Circles Project

Community Building Tested Methods

If you would like to read or download this in pdf format, please click here. Summary Aims The ...