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Integrator Resources

Integrator Handbook

Integrator (Onboarder) training: Here's the link to the slides used in the Integrator Training sessions for Local Groups and Integrator Training sessions for Working Groups Resources for new rebels: Intro to XR Foundation Programme Sign-up For info and...

Supporting your new Volunteers

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new volunteers

Access needs Find out about your new volunteer's access needs and any other ways they may need to be kept safe. These may include any disclosed disability that might affect their participation in our community (such as the use of assistive technologies to read...

Why do we need new volunteers?

Integrator Handbook Preparing for new volunteers

For a movement that aims to mobilise 3.5% of the population, that seems like a daft question! However, it can be useful to think about why we need new people beyond just the obvious. New volunteers are the lifeblood of every team We know we need numbers to win...

Advertise your roles on the Volunteer Website

Integrator Handbook Recruiting new volunteers This website works just like a jobs board and aims to help volunteers find roles and groups to find volunteers. Any XR UK group can apply for an account and recruit this way - you just need an official email address. In practi...

Principles and Values Poster & more

Outreach Methods and Materials

Principles and Values Poster For access to this open resource click on the image itself Declaration of Rebellion Declaration of Rebellion for professional printing. Declaration of Rebellion for home printing (looks best in A3)

Rebel for Life Dolphin, 2050 death, Act Now V4_3

Art Blockers Patches

All White backgrounds with Black text and images Reflect Rebel Relinquish 2050 Skull and Sandtimer Act Now, Deeds Not Words, We Act In Peace Rebel For Life

Sabliers / Sandtimers

Art Blockers

Pink Background

Do or Die, Life or Death, We Act In peace: V4_2

Art Blockers Patches

Click on the Image below to access the patches described here: Do Or Die (Half Alive Smiley) Life Or Death (Butterfly and a bone) We Act In Peace (Swallow) Act Now (Songthrush) Heart (sewing needle) Heart (Root and leaves) Citizen's Assembly - (bee in...

What is the Design Programme?

Design Core Design Programme

Made by XR for XR -- fonts, logos, colours, woodblock images, icons The visual creativity of XR actions and outreach has been instrumental in the rise of the movement. The Design Programme v1.1 describes and explains the XR Branding - how and why to use it. T...

What is Paint The Streets?

Paint The Streets

Paint the Streets is an ongoing creative campaign, breaking social norms to raise awareness about the climate & ecological emergency. Paint the Streets includes murals, stickering, flyposting, stencilling, chalking, banner drop actions, and subvertising bus s...

Will chalking or flyposting get me arrested?

Paint The Streets

You are unlikely to get stopped in the UK. The police are usually uninterested in chalking and flyposting, unless you force them to take action by doing it under their noses. NOTE: Avoid taking or posting photos of anyone doing the work if they are potentially...

Planning a Paint the Streets Campaign

Paint The Streets

How do I join an existing Paint the Streets group? The most likely points of contact to find out if you have a local / regional Paint The Streets group are either your local group coordinators, arts coordinator or actions coordinator. You can also take action ...

Stencils & Murals

Paint The Streets Elements of Paint the Streets

Stencilling How do I make a stencil? Paris68redux have created a and comprehensive guide on stencil and print making Are there environmentally friendly sprays and paints? We recommend emulsion paint for doing stencils on paper We also recommend chalk sp...


Paint The Streets Elements of Paint the Streets

Planning your flyposting action Check out this general guidance for how to organise all sorts of Paint the Streets actions, then come back here for specific advice for flyposting. Organise a flyposting team Get together in an affinity group of 2-5 people. Rol...


Paint The Streets Elements of Paint the Streets

What is Subvertising? Subvertising is the practice of lighting up the streets with spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements. By using witty and cutting satire of companies subvertisers are able to expose racial and climate injustice. We us...

We Want To Live - Sep 2020

Design Design Packs

This design pack reflects the multiple narratives running through our struggle, and is intended to give everyone in XR a way to tell our story. The PDF of of this design pack is available here Contents ofthe Booklet:

Same page two + contributors

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

For those that may be working on a doc at the same time as another Rebel. If at the top of the page you are working on you see an image like the one below pop up at the top right-hand corner then we strongly advise that you work on a separate page. There is a...