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Stencils & Murals

How do I make a stencil?

Paris68redux have created a and comprehensive guide on stencil and print making: How to make a large stencil video. Check out Paris68redux for more information.

Are there environmentally friendly sprays and paints?
Is it okay to chalk spray, paint or flypost local businesses?

Rebels are asked to be mindful about where they paint the streets.

Please do not damage private property or small and independent businesses as this can be seen as vandalism and might impact relationships within the community. Try and use materials which cause minimal damage to the environment.

Some actions potentially seen as “vandalism” may have a high risk of arrest if private sector buildings are targeted. It is unclear what police reaction will be to some of these actions, so read the legal advice and take precautions.

What about spraying over existing artwork?

As a golden rule don’t not tag over other posters and spray tags as this could cause conflict. Organised fly-posters and graffiti groups can be territorial and could get violent.

What about painting or commissioning a mural?

Check out XR Guide to Murals