Flyposting - All you need to know:

How do I organise a fly-posting group?

WARNING! If you’re flyposting during Covid19 make sure you’re social distancing and staying 2m apart. The action can be riskier than usual so check out the legal advice above.
  • Get together in an affinity group of 3-5 people. Here’s some suggested roles:
  • Coordinators and Police liaison
  • Flyposters: 1 to roll on the paste, 1 to put up the posters, 1 to roll on more paste on top
  • Social media Rebel to take photos and put on #paintthestreets chats


What materials do I need for fly-posting?

Check out this amazing website that has the answer to all your questions about fly-posting: Everything You Need to Know to Blanket the World in Posters

How can I get posters printed?

There are several ways of printing flyers, posters, stickers for outreach and actions. (Please note that the logo is strictly not to be used for any commercial purposes)
Go to XR Arts website to download electronic copies of Extinction Rebellion flyers, stickers, posters etc. You can then modify these to suit your local needs, provided your messaging is in keeping with strategy and aims. We advise working with your media & messaging and actions group closely before producing new messaging or print materials. XRUK design group can also offer support and guidance on design decisions and induction into the XR Design Programme.
Check out the list of local groups to make contact with nearby existing groups and see if they have any materials you could share.
You can print the materials yourself, either with your friendly local print shop or online at or DigitalPrinting. We recommend bond type paper (unfinished or natural look).
How do I claim costs from Open Collective? Check if still supporting - last update no longer funding
The Open Collective supports environmental protest organisations with the cost of printing their posters, vinyl and fabric banners. You will have to pay the upfront costs for the print run. Keep your receipts for inks/fabrics and then claim back the costs from the OpenCollective website (these usually take a month).
Can I order posters for my group from XRUK?
We soon hope to offer you a range of flyers, posters, stickers and booklets. This isn’t available yet.

What are suggested Action Tactics for flyposting?

During lockdown:
Exercise social distancing 2m and stay safe. Some activities are designed for an affinity group but during this period of social-distancing they are not recommended by public health guidelines.

In general:

Action planners have provided some key points to consider when undertaking an action:
  • Pick your key locations to paint.
  • Pick some backup locations if you have to change plans.
  • Travel as light as possible.
  • Pick a meeting point, time and communicate these via Signal or other encrypted chats the night before, along with the arrestable end-point if this applies.
  • Use emergent strategy to move: avoid planning a travel route which could be snitched on (information leaked) or messed up by delays - instead, make the route up as you go along. Change location every 20-30min depending on how discreet your action is.
  • Always have a plan B.

What is a suitable target?

Remember, you also don’t have to flypost, you can give posters away and put them up on school/university noticeboards, in windows of cafes and on flyer tables. People often like being given things and to have a chance to share their thoughts on the climate and ecological emergency- use any available opportunity for outreach.
During lockdown: Your windows, homes, your streets, parks, local neighbourhood - please tag your local group when you post your images to the chats or social media.
In general:
  • Billboards/ temporary walls
  • Universities, colleges, schools
  • Places with high pollution levels
  • Public transport - trains, back of buses, bus stops and stations
  • Busy central areas in cities: town squares, statues, pedestrian areas
  • Locations with iconic backdrops for dramatic/symbolic effect, e.g. Eiffel Tower in background Government buildings
  • HQ’s of companies agreed as ittargets in keeping with our group strategy
  • Companies linked to fossil fuel industry and fracking e.g. HSBC, Barclays
  • On the floor in a place where lots of people get an aerial viewpoint e.g. a square surrounded by skyscrapers
  • Places people are queueing
  • Replacing ferry flags