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Principles Of Inclusivity

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion

In order to build an inclusive approach towards involving all sections of society in the struggle to highlight the climate emergency, it is necessary for XR to pay particular attention to five activity areas: Organisation and running of meetings The product...


Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

Door Listening Why Door-to-door Listening? You may want to consider approaching members of your local community to invite them to take part in Actions or Community Assemblies. The process of knocking on people’s doors and simply listening to what they have to ...

Editing Pages

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

The Rebel Toolkit was originally designed and a 'wiki' - a collaborative space for any rebel with a Communications Hub login to add and update. But over the years it got out of date and repetative with no overal vision to hold it together. So from Sep 2023 onw...

Welcome to the Rebel Toolkit!

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

What is the Rebel Toolkit? A one stop shop for individual Rebels and members of Local and Community Groups. It will contain everything you need to know in order to set up and run a group, and take action with XR. What is changing? The Rebel Toolkit is current...

Contact the Rebel Toolkit team

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

Contact the Rebel Toolkit project team: On Mattermost, the Rebel Toolkit Reception channel in the UK Team. It is a public channel, so you can join yourself to it. By email :


Design Core Design Programme

We have a standard set of colours for our publications, which are documented in the Design Programme. As it is a large PDF, here is a summary of the colour scheme. This page also has the hex values of the colours. If you need CMYK or PMS codes, they are in th...

Resizing Images

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

Why use smaller images? It saves on energy! Every pixel uses energy to be stored and shared so the smaller the image the less energy you use. They take up less space on a page. Pages can be quite long at the best of times so why not make them colourful but al...

Extra Markdown Hints

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

Markdown is used to make headings, bold, bulleted lists etc on the Rebel Toolkit pages. This page contains tips for formatting your pages. For basic instructions on using Markdown, we recommend The Markdown Guide or search online for Markdown. Here is a fairly...

Adding Images

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

To add an image to a page: Prepare a suitably-sized image. Most photos need their resolution reducing for publishing on the web. See the Resizing Images page for instructions. Click in the text at the point where you want the image to appear. Click the "Ins...

Visuals Generator Aktivisda

Design Design Software, tutorials & guidance

Generate a XR-branded poster or banner in minutes! The Visuals Generator (Aktivisda) is a web application which will create custom images with words and coloured backgrounds. How to use Aktivisda READ: Step by Step Tutorial ...

Adding a Google document

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

If you have something useful in a Google document which you would like to make available on the Rebel Toolkit, you can't upload it directly. You have a choice: Turn the google doc in to a RT page If possible, especially with more 'evergreen content' it is bes...

Links to pages in Rebel Toolkit

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

Normally the URL (web address) of a page in the Rebel Toolkit includes the name of the book it is in and the name of the page. This can cause problems if you make a link to a page and then the page gets renamed or moved to another book. The Bookstack softwar...

Rebel Toolkit

Other Online Tech Tools

Searching the Rebel Toolkit Use Rebel Toolkit search or an Internet search engine. The Rebel Toolkit has a search function available from the box at the top of every page, or, on narrow screens, from the menu. Documentation is at

Outreach Hubs

Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

An Outreach Hub is a pop-up tent where you can find XR info and support, meet rebels, pick up vibrant print designs and join trainings and workshops. They also serve as a place of sanctuary where you can pull up a chair and know you’ll be welcomed. There is a ...

Climate and Ecology Crisis Quiz

Post Training Resources Talks & Training Extra Resources

Take the Crisis Quiz online Or you can download and print out the quiz. This is a Cloud document - please be patient while it loads.