Adding a Google document

If you have something useful in a Google document which you would like to make available on the Rebel Toolkit, you can't upload it directly. You have a choice:

  • If the Google document has a lot of complicated formatting, you can just make a short page on the Rebel Toolkit with a description of the document in a few sentences and a link to the Google document. The description just needs to be enough so that people can decide whether to click on the link or not. You can put links to several documents on one page if they are related. Bear in mind that the Rebel Toolkit is visible to everyone on the Internet: do not include links to any document with confidential information, eg personal email addresses.

  • If you have the time to convert the formatting manually to the markup required on the Rebel Toolkit, you can do that, ie make a page on the Rebel Toolkit containing all the text from the Google document. Some people prefer to make a file in Notepad (or equivalent) on their computer and do all the work on that before pasting it in to the editor on the Rebel Toolkit. That way you are less likely to lose all your work. The formatting needs to be done in accordance with the Editing Pages instructions.