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Advertising your Local Group Transport

So you’ve booked your coach, that’s great! Perhaps you used the Organising Transport to Actions guide or maybe you didn’t, but now you want to get those seats sold!

Broadcast posts

The most simple and effective way to advertise your coach is using your pre-existing channels, such as email lists, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp chats, Mattermost, Facebook and other social media.

If you want to find out more about how you can make the most of Action Network then check out the comprehensive guide on the Rebel Toolkit - Action Network for XR.

A really great motivation to get people to sign up is to to include photos of your trips to previous rebellions or XR events. In 2021, North East & Cumbria were very successful with this and generated many bookings, they posted about a previous coach in 2019 where they stopped off at a Greggs to get a vegan sausage roll! This promoted the community feeling you can foster and enjoy when going down to The Big One together. Check out their great post here!

If you've never had a coach before, you could use other photos of XR coaches such as the Newcastle example, or photos from the Change is Now bus or other photos of your Local Group at Rebellions. Using local photos will bring the best results!


Telling friends and family

Try telling your friends and family about the transport opportunities. This also works as a great outreach method!

Incorporating the transport information into your outreach

While your LG does outreach, it may be useful for them to incorporate information about your coach into their mobilisation and outreach. It may be useful for everyone doing mobilisation and outreach to know the details so they can easily respond to any questions.

You can also make a QR code of your Eventbrite link, and print it off as a poster for when you are running a stall or survey board! You can use this to make the QR code: QR Code Generator

Advertising Checklist

  1. Shared on social media
  2. Shared on Internal chats
  3. Shared on emails
  4. Shared to local alliance organistions
  5. Incorporated into your moblilisation and outreach