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Action Network for XR

XRUK's mailing system containing separate 'email lists' for Nations & Regions, Local Groups, Campaigns, Volunteers, Talks and Training, all connected in one big 'network'.

This book contains guidance for how to become an admin of a list, to send emails, how to sign up potential rebels to your list and more complex tasks too.

Contact the Action Network Data Team

Get in touch Action Network Data Team Reception channel on Mattermost or email datateam@extinct...

Unsubscribe from your XR Email Lists

Requesting changes to your email list subscriptions Unsubscribe Search for the last XRUK email yo...

Start Here

Overview, training, admin access and contact details

Adding Subscribers

Writing and Sending Emails on Action Network

Technical, style, content and accessibility advice. Plus automatic welcome emails.

Reports and Viewing Activist Data

Information on how to access and collect data on rebels in the Action Network system

Events and Forms

These are called 'actions' in Action Network jargon.

Error Messages and Problems


Extra information for people wanting to dig a little deeper in to what Action Network is capable of.