Action Network for XR

Emails lists for local, regional, national groups and also for campaign groups. All lists form part of the network of email lists which means that new sign ups anywhere on the system also join the UK list.

This book contains documentation for how to use the Action Network system to become an admin of you list, to email and how to sign up potential rebels to your list.


How Local Groups fit in to the XR Action Network You may be familiar with other email lists such...

Contact the Action Network Data Team

This team sits within the 'Digital Circle' in the UK, but looks after XR's Action Network globall...

Becoming an XR Admin

Introduction Anyone wanting to be an admin of any Action Network list must first sign the VOLUNT...

Creating, merging, rebooting a group

Adding subscribers

Writing and sending emails

This section describes how to write an email, insert dynamic text, and create welcome ladders.

Reports and viewing activist data

Information on how to access and collect data on rebels in the Action Network system

Error Messages and Problems


Extra information for people wanting to dig a little deeper in to what Action Network is capable of.

old page - Getting started

Here you'll find links to resources that will help you get started with Action Network. Please n...

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