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Bringing new people into Actions

We want it to be as quick and easy as possible for new people to join us at actions. Here are some tips:

  • Keep it local - on outreach talk about the actions happening in your area
  • Make it Personal - Invite them to sign up to the action. If you can, phone them in advance, explain the plan and ask what they’d need to come e.g. info on legal rights, risk, toilets, access etc
  • Be welcoming - have someone greet them at the action - better still someone they'll recognise.
  • Help them be useful - find them a role for the day. Buddy them with someone more experienced.
  • Communicate clearly - marginalised groups in particular need to know what to expect
  • Grab the moment! - try to always have an action date lined up for the near future

Ten committed new people joining your next action is worth so much more than a thousand sitting on a mailing list!