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What is Action Support

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In order to succeed, actions need to be planned with a surrounding web of support. ‘Support’ means rebels in low-arrest-risk roles take on responsibilities before, during and after the action, which vary according to the action design.

These can include: liaising with the police, ensuring people’s wellbeing, providing first-aid, embedding nonviolence, de-escalation, engaging in outreach with the public, marshalling marches, drumming courageously, creating beautiful banners; supporting in the back office, turning up at police stations to support rebels - and more!

This book outlines the various Action Support responsibilities, to help you think about joining one of these roles. If you’re looking for guidance on an action you are planning see our Action Support Triage document or email the Action Support External Coordinator and arrange a meeting!

The main teams within Action Support are:

Action Wellbeing - Email news signup
First Aid (Part of Action Wellbeing)
Embedding Nonviolence / Deescalation
Stewarding - Email news signup
Actions Outreach - Email news signup
Production & World Build
Protest Liaison
Legal Observers are independant of XR sometimes present at action where there is a high risk of arrest

As well as the main teams within Action Support, these

These other teams work closely with us:

Relationships Typically used when working together with other large organisations where this work is likely to affect the big picture relationship

Political Circle Typically used where there is a possible national political impact or target of the action

Media & Messaging Typically actions work with the team appropriate according to their scale (eg local works with local M&M, regional actions work with Regional M&M team, UK Actions work with the National M&M team). See the M&M Directory for further details