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Actions Outreach

We reach out to the public to listen and connect. To encourage others to explore their own feelings and viewpoints, responding with follow-up questions and reflecting back what’s been said. After a genuine connection has been fostered we’re able to offer further information about what’s going on.

Imagine: . The occupation is underway. Members of the public are passing by and catch sight of the scene. Some are amused and bewildered, others are frustrated and cynical.

Our objective: to offer a genuine conversation about climate change and the environment to someone who may not typically find many opportunities to confront the crisis.

Outreach will often also staff the welcome hub at large events where members of the public have questions answered and are directed to resources, training, or other support teams as appropriate. Outreach teams can wear purple hi-vis.

Typically needed for actions with high amounts of general public passing by.

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