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First Aid within Action Wellbeing

Whilts we encourage all in Action Support roles to have a basic awareness of First Aid, our designated First Aiders are all trained and certificated to the Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work, or its equivalent. Since such training is expensive, we aim to recruit First Aiders who are already certificated.

Our First Aiders will wear Green First Aid Tabbards. Usually our First Aiders and Welbeing crew support actions in Buddy Pairs together.

For multi-day actions, we organise our Wellbeing and First Aid crew using an On-Line Rota, so that each member can select the most appropriate times that they can contribute their support. This helps to balance out attendance and ensures that we have cover for all the individual activities on each day. In between major actions, we generally keep in contact with our First Aider pool, using our Telegram chat channel. But during actions, we use Signal, which is a more secure platform.

Prior to bigger UK based actions, we may need to run some First Aid Training sessions, to remind our crew how we "work on the street". This lets us talk about what issues can present themselves during actions - possibly with greater emphasis on the emotional needs of the rebels we'll be looking after, rather than their physical needs. This can be particularly important where the action may result in multiple arrests.

If you are already certificated, and wish to join our First Aid crew, please join us on telegram here: First Aid Chat channel

If you have any queries regarding your certification, contact us on: