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Paris '68 Redux

Paris '68 Redux reinterprets the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire”. The “AP” were groups of students, union members and everyone coming together (in Paris May, 1968), work-shopping ideas, then voting on which ones to mass produce, printing tons and going straight out to fly post Paris.

For their work check out this mega book: Beauty Is in the Street by Philippe Vermès, Johan Kugelberg.

Unfortunately 50 years on… SAME SHIT and we’re getting ECOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN coming down on us, the only answer is DISOBEY NOW. Lets make beautiful ephemeral art, and go down Rebelling and Disobeying and laughing and fighting (non-violently) and most importantly… loving.

Fly-posting is a joke crime, so its a great fun way into Civil Disobedience.

All you need is thin paper for the posters (chip shop paper), thick paper for cutting stencils and emulsion paint etc… then have a workshop and make tons.