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Art Blockers

Physical art and making - woodblocks, painting, flags, banners!

Training and guides

XR Art Blockers have developed these facilities to help you provide prints for your actions !


Graphics, templates and how-to video guides Graphics for Banners Note: All artwork below is quar...

Stencil designs

Making your own stencils We advise using old wallpaper for stencils. Just lay the printed sheets,...

Block Artwork

Artwork for printing, painting and woodblocks.


Printed onto cloth and then pinned wherever suits that Rebel!

Flag Templates

Artwork for printing flags.


Print onto A4 (eco-friendly!) sticker paper.

Sabliers / Sandtimers

Pink Background

Paris '68 Redux

Paris '68 Redux reinterprets the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire”. The “AP” were groups of studen...