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Art Assets


What are Art Assets?

Visual materials such as flags, fabric banners, roadblock banners and vinyl banners.

  • Fabric banners (human sized banners): 1.90 x 1.50 metres standard size. Material: cotton. Wording (e.g. DEEDS NOT WORDS etc.) + large woodblock prints. With eyelets to tie them up anywhere.
  • Vinyl banners: Sturdy waterproof long banners for bridges and big structures or roadblocks. Standard size is 1m x 5m long. But have a look on the document as sizing varies. (e.g. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY RED)
  • Flags: Standard size symbol flags in all the funky colours you could desire

Marine Extinction: Thematic white flags such as Octopus, Cod, Krill, Seahorse, Common Shag Spiny Lobster and Turtle flags. We are continually adding different species to this collection.

Picture Flags: Huge 1.50 x 1.50 metres flags with large woodblocks prints. Smaller rectangle picture flags. XR Symbol or not, you pick your one!

Quadrant Flags

Black and White flags: for Extinction/Funeral marches

Before Anything Else:

  • PLEASE order at least 2 weeks in advance! For emergency access maximum 48Hrs in advance! We are people too and have other side jobs and responsibilities, be mindful of your requests ☺
  • ONLY order new banners if necessary. We have a lot to go around, just ask. Be as frugal as you can!
  • LOOK AFTER the banners and flags. Various assets have been misplaced and damaged during and since the last Rebellion. We would love to be reunited with them. If you are in possession of all the art assets below please email us at:
  • Our storage is in EAST LONDON. Art Assets must be picked up from the space. Thanks!
  • OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 till 20:00. We do make exceptions within reasonable demands, we are here to help. (But be human)
  • What we DON’T DO:
  1. We do not provide blocks. Please contact if you require them for an action, if you require a print station and blockers.
  2. We don’t do deliveries. If you are planning an action make sure to incorporate this into the logistics plans.
  3. We are not the XR Arts and Crafts. We do not provide materials.

How To Order:

Have a look at our database: messaging, colour, size, and availability. If you are looking at something specific please send us the coding (eg ART-BAN-VIN-RFL-01).

Copy and paste this template and provide us with as much information as you can:

Messaging: Tell the truth, This is an emergency…

Type of assets: 1 fabric banner, 9 flags and a roadblock banner.

Type of action: Roadblock outside Parliament (23 rd December)

Booking from: 21st December 2019 until 5 th January 2020

Name and contact details: E.g. Johnanna Doe - 07865453321 / (SOMEONE WE CAN CONTACT BY PHONE and EMAIL)

Last Thing:


  • Flags sometimes can pose a very mild risk to others around you if not handled in a mindful manner. Hold flags upright so they look great and the poles don’t hit anyone in the eye! Make yourself aware of others around you and how you hold the flag pole. Faces, eyes and ears are a must to look out for! Please make sure that everyone around you is considered (viewing access for disabled individuals, visually impaired and younger humans)
  • Please roll the flags and bundled them together and tie with a piece of fabric or sting after the action is finished. This way:
  1. They are easily accounted for.
  2. They are looked after between actions and during transit.
  3. Easier to carry.

DO NOT FOLD VINYL BANNERS PLEASE! This degrades the quality of the image and thickness of the vinyl causing the degradation of the item itself. PLEASE ROLL THE BANNERS UP!