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Action Ideas

The campaign utilises black and white branding, which is visually striking and easily recognisable.

Eye-catching elements of previous actions include:

  • Fake oil has played a prominent part in many Cut the Ties actions. It not only highlights and represents the damage fossil fuels cause but also adds an element of drama to the action, adds spice which means the police are likely to be called, a higher profile and reaching a wider audience. Fake Crude Oil Recipe

    The oil is typically sprayed from Cut the Ties branded fire extinguishers but can also be poured. (We’d love to hear your creative ideas of how else you could use this and will work with you to make it right for your action!) (How to Convert a Fire Extinguisher)

  • Black smoke grenades or flares are also an eye-catching addition, representing smog and the damage fossil fuels cause. They look great in photos and increase the visibility of the action. Buy Smoke Grenades

  • Theatrics are a fantastic way to engage the public and several Cut the Ties actions have used these to great effect, most notably Ocean Rebellion’s action at the International Maritime Organisations office, but also this action at the Home Office

Many of the previous actions have had an immediate and clear impact on the companies targeted. The speed at which some have attempted to downplay and clean up the actions shows their concern regarding reputational damage they will suffer should their customer base and wider public be aware of their activities.

More Action Ideas

Actions can range from no spice to high spice, can be very small and personal and carried out by a very small group of rebels, or a huge action with dozens of rebels, theatre & laughter – the world is your oyster!

Here’s some ideas to get the grey matter working:

For even more ideas, check out Action Design Elements

Time to Plan your Action!

The Action Planning Section ot the Toolkit guides you through what you need to think about when planning an action, step by step.