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Potential Targets & Action Ideas



Flooding not only impacts humans but also causes loss of habitat for non-human animals.

Flooding rebel toolkit page

Agriculture and Food Production

Agriculture and food production contribute to climate breakdown in many ways and the current mass production culture is contributing to the loss of work for many local farmers.

Dirty Water

The continued pollution of our waterways affects not only us but also many of the waterborne species in our rivers.

Dirty Water Action Pack

Rebellious Rewilding

Rebel rewilding is a great way to have a direct impact on your life and your local community.

Rebellious Rewilding Ideas (slides 5-7)


Wildfires will continue to blaze as global temperatures increase. Though it may be hard to have a direct impact, even sharing information about wildfires on social media can be a great way to educate others.


The rise in temperatures affects everyone, especially those most vulnerable in our society and the natural environment.

Heatstrike Website Coming Soon.

Take Action at Home

Check out these ideas to Take Action from Home, and use the Global Justice messaging page to plan your actions.

Other Ideas

Rebel Toolkit Actions Shelf