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Help organise the movement

Volunteers are what keeps XRUK moving!

We need everyone, so we're sure everyone will be able to find a role to suit them! Roles are available that need a range of skills, personality types, and time commitments. Most roles with XRUK are online, but Region and Nation roles are sometimes in person.

Volunteer Website

This website is a volunteering roles board, helping volunteers find roles and groups to find volunteers. The roles are usually at a UK, national or regional level (if you'd rather take on a role at a local level just contact your local group directly). The majority of advertised roles are remote, with team meetings held by video call, however you can also find some 'in-person' roles e.g. action support roles such as stewards.

Browse roles by type of work, location or by entering key search terms. If you don’t see anything you immediately want to apply for, you can sign up to receive a weekly email for the types of role you are interested in.

Advertised roles typically ask volunteers to:

  • have time to give each week
  • join the Group’s weekly meeting
  • have some specific skills or experience
  • be comfortable with computer technology
  • have a reasonable internet connection

Any questions, contact us at

Roles Fayres

Roles Fayres run regularly (approximately every 6 weeks) and are a great way to get more information about roles before making an application.

Each Fayre focuses on finding people to fill roles in the teams that need them most at the time. This has varied from focusing on building a new website team, to boosting the teams supporting the Regions and Nations of XRUK.

Dates for Roles Fayres are always listed on the homepage of the Volunteer Website.

Volunteer Agreement

Simple principles for treating data with care and respect. Organisers are asked to sign it (digitally) as they may need to handle personal data.