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Links to pages in Rebel Toolkit

Normally the URL (web address) of a page in the Rebel Toolkit includes the name of the book it is in and the name of the page. This can cause problems if you make a link to a page and then the page gets renamed or moved to another book. The Bookstack software keeps a list of old page names, so links sometimes continue to work, but not always.

Each page is actually identified by a number which does not change, and you can use that number in a link.

To find the static link (permanent link / fixed link) for a page:

  • Go to the page you want to make a link to

  • Highlight a piece of text by double clicking on a word. The word gets highlighted.

  • A pop-up box appears - in that pop-up box you will see the unique address of the page and a fragment identifier. The fragment identifier is the part after the "#" which identifies a particular paragraph within the page.

  • Copy the address and remove the fragment identifier so you don't want to link to a part of the page.

For example the address of this page is So you can make a link like this: Links to pages in Rebel Toolkit which will continue to work even if the page is moved.