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Rebel for Truth - Paint The Streets 2024


Spend 2024 spreading the love, creativity - and of course a little bit of mischief. Share the message Rebel for Truth far and wide.

  • Print out a poster and put it in your window
  • Scrawl a symbol with a sharpie
  • Sticker up!
  • Flypost your town
  • Subvertise bus stops or billboards

Everyone. Everywhere.

Rebel for Truth is a main messaging theme of XR for 2024. You can find the messaging guidance pack here. (note: This is for all messaging, and is not Paint the Streets specific)


The Paint the Streets google drive also has an archive of campaigns and designs; from bus stop and billboards, to posters and flyers (this is being updated).
Note: The logo is copyrighted and not to be used for commercial purposes.

If you want to create your own posters etc, check out Aktavisda or download the XR fonts to use on your preferred editing software.


The main slogans for the Rebel for Truth campaign are: