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Paint The Symbol

Let's get the Extinction Symbol EVERYWHERE!

Why? The more visible XR is, the better our cause will land with the public. There are many who would like to silence us: we need to be unmissable.

How? Sharpies, stencils and paint; posters, stickers… and boundless imagination. Here are some ideas:

Every Day Symboling

Get yourself a stash of markers, and take them out with you. Something like the Uni Paint PX-20 is good. At a minimum, get black and white.

Opportunity is everywhere, especially if you look out for circles!

pts 2.PNG

Get hold of stickers! Lamp posts, crossings, adverts – look for spots where there are clean sightlines.

WHERE ARE MORE PEOPLE GOING TO SEE THE SYMBOL? Entrances, exits, main thoroughfares. On the ceiling of the bus. A cash machine.

How about stencilling the symbol? You're in luck. There's a template and guide to making a symbol stencil

pts 3.PNG

Affinity Symboling

Get yourself a Symbol Affinity Group, a can of spray paint and a ladder!

pts 4.PNG pts 5.PNG

Height is good. Try and avoid everyone else’s graff. You’ll be painted over, and not stand out as well.

Plan Ahead. Stake out your ’hood. Where are the great sightlines? Where several roads meet, or where you’ll have the most impact. Upset the visual narrative!

Painting The Symbol is a bit naughty, do be careful.

Obviously if you are going to actually try and turn the London Eye into The World’s Largest Symbol you may end up in significantly more trouble. Check out legal guidance here.

pts 6.PNG