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Welcome to Rebel Toolkit!


A spotlight on the creativity of Rebels...

The Rebel Toolkit - a platform to showcase the incredible work of local rebels from across the nations and regions. A good idea hatched in Cornwall, can be reworked in Teeside and improved again in Dundee...

Written and video resources can be added and linked in the Hive Mind Section of this resources by any rebel, while curated handbooks will be developed from these ideas and maintained in the Best Practice section.

A Focus on our Grass roots...

Actions, outreach, community building, talks, trainings, the list goes on! – do you know of something ingenious that moved us closer to achieving our Three Demands?

Let the movement know by contributing to our community resources. Check out the How to Contribute page.

The scale of this crisis needs the gold from all of us to be shared far and wide... any rebel can be an expert in their own ideas, any rebel can pick up a good idea and add to it and all rebels can contribute to the biggest Rebellion Resource in history!

We have the following shelves:

Best Practice

Here we have curated collections of resources for specific purposes. There are collected from the experiences shared in the Hive Mind and maintained by our moderators.

  • Organising a Rebellion -- How to engage and mobilise rebels and the community for a Rebellion.

  • Rebel Resources -- Guides for individual rebels on how they can get involved and prepare for Rebellion.

  • The Truth -- Check here for accurate information on the environmental and political crises.

  • Help -- About this web site and other sources of information.

Hive Mind

Below are the first shelves in our community built resource centre. Feel free to add your own resouces in these shelves and browse to see what other groups have been up to!

  • Actions & Logistics -- What actions groups have been taking and how they organised them!

  • Community Building -- How groups have been building and connecting with their communities!

  • Media & Messaging -- What groups are doing to promote their events and message their actions!

  • Political & Lobbying -- How are groups engaging politically from lobbying MPs to bringing participarory democracy to the people!

  • Regenerative Cultures -- How are rebels caring for the culture of their groups and building a positive future!

  • Remote Rebels -- How you can support the rebellion and take action from home.

Contact Us

If you have any feedback or suggestions, need a new shelf or book created, or want to join our team, please post a message, or contact us: