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Air Pollution

Resources for Air Pollution themed actions

Graphics info and designs for making these signs like the one below

Flyers to edit and print

These flyers are in photoshop format - so you can add your own Local Group info. If you require support in editing these, then please contact by email, or via our Mattermost Reception.

A5 flyers and stickers as shown below


Engaging the public with survey boards

The second board has a map of the local area. Passers by were encourages to scan the QR code (taking them to the website), enter their address, and add a sticker to the map indicating whether where they lived had very high, high, moderate, or low levels of air pollution. As you can see, nearly all of the stickers added are red, indicating these people are living with 'very high' levels of air pollution.

AP_survey1.png AP_survey2.png AP_survey4.png AP_surveymap.png


Using the green light (for pedestrians) over a crossing on a main road, close to the survey boards, to bring attention to the outreach and amplify the message


Useful Statistics, quotes & resources

A collection of statistics and quotes around air pollution, particularly related to health.

Useful statistics document