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Banking, Finance and Divestment

Resources collated from work by XR, Tipping Point and other organisations to help you access the information you need to plan your actions and choose your targets.

Getting organisations to move away from fossil banks

Focus on campaigning for organisations to switch their banking from the worst banks.

Bank Better Campaign Handbook (by Tipping Point)

This excellent handbook gives the comprehensive info you need to run an effective campaign against an organisation who still use problematic banks.

Full Colour version / Text only version

Tailored support

For XR Local Groups can be accessed by by contacting

This support consists of:

  • campaign planning
  • researching the current banking of the target organisation
  • suggestions of what banks they could move to
  • connecting them up with similar orgs that are also considering bank switching
  • training for LGs in how to run presentations about banks and how to negotiate with decision-makers
  • campaign planning (actions/petitions etc)
WhatsApp community

For people interested in getting organisations to switch banks - with sub-group chats for specific types of campaigns, e.g. Bank & Local Government, Banks & Universities, etc.

Tipping Point's How To Bankrupt A Fossil Bank

Recording of this training delivered in January 2024, in collaboration with Switch It Green:

Report on Barclays

Details of what's wrong with the new Barclays energy policy (why not to trust them when they say they're not funding fossil fuels any more!)