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Biodiversity / Nature

Connect with others focusing on this topic

Restore Nature Now Telegram chat to join with others working on this theme (not all people from XR).

XR Rewilding Facebook group

Blue Plaques for Nature

Based on the iconic English Heritage blue plaques designed to commemorate a noteble person, these plaques designed by the 'Dirty Water' campaign team are to commemorate nature and wildlife - current designs are focussed on promotion before and use during Restore Nature Now on 22nd June 2024.

See full details of how to print, modify and produce these plaques here.

Examples of actions

Visiting a garden centre dressed as bees

sheff bees.PNG

This Local Group visited their local garden centre dressed as bees to raise awareness of the disastrous consequences to wildlife of gardeners and farmers using glysophate (often sold as Round Up).

This outreach focused action did not disrupt shoppers, but encouraged them to think more sustainably when shopping, and raised awareness of the scale of the problems to biodiversity being caused by widespread pesticide use.

Bird Skeletons

Check out this brief on how to make bird skeletons for actions

Outreach Materials

Bilingual Posters- Welsh


These bilingual biodiversity posters are available for red squirrels, pine martens, hedgehogs and water voles