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3 Demands

NOTE: This Strategy has been replaced at the end of February 2024 by the new Actions Strategy- Pathway to Rebellion. This resource will be maintained for a little while for those who need it but will eventually be moved to the archive.

Being visible across the country is a key tactic to build appetite for political change. XR and other movements such as Otpor!, have been most successful using bold and beautiful messages to amplify the size of the movement. Be audacious and use humour in your designs. Use all your old posters and flyers. Blank out the dates. A symbol is a symbol!

We are Extinction Rebellion. We are everywhere. We are here demanding change and doing the work. Paint symbols, put posters in your windows, fly your flags, hand out leaflets, and take nonviolent direct action right now.

Relationship-building is strategic. No group or movement can change the system alone. Collaborating on nonviolent direct actions with allies, especially unlikely allies, is impactful on multiple levels and brings the wider ecology of movements closer to a moment of sustained resistance. Relationships Circle is leading the work with national supporters of The Big One and identifying new allies to collaborate on actions that reflect the intersectional nature of the climate and ecological emergency (CEE). Our greatest strength is unity, not uniformity.

With poverty and inequality increasing, government corruption clearly visible, and inflation out of control, it is evident to a growing number that the current political system will not and cannot fix the ecological and social crises it has created. Now is the perfect time to step up our campaign on citizen-led decision making.

A new action campaign around Citizens Assemblies, and possibly the Sortition Foundation’s call for a House of Citizens to replace the House of Lords, will get changing the UK’s political system into round-the-dinner-table conversations and onto the national agenda.

Meanwhile, the Community Assemblies initiative can bring more people together and into contact with the transformative experience of assemblies locally. This could be a table in your town centre, connecting with local residents, or a picnic in your park with families and community groups. The importance is to have these conversations within your community in order for people to experience the power of deliberative democracy, so that better informed conversations can be opened on XR's third demand for a Citizen's Assembly on the climate and ecological emergency.