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Strategic Action Ingredients

NOTE: This Strategy has been replaced at the end of February 2024 by the new Actions Strategy- Pathway to Rebellion. This resource will be maintained for a little while for those who need it but will eventually be moved to the archive.

1. Clear targets.
Polling continues to show that there is sympathy with our message, but not with public disruption. Let’s choose action targets that make immediate sense without explanation. Occasionally, protest may have unintended consequences of disruption to the public; we must prepare for such eventualities and take responsibility here.

2. Intelligence.
Fossil fuel companies have been effectively targeted by the infiltration of Annual General Meetings (AGMs), grabbing headlines with little resources. Actions against local ties to fossil fuels can be impactful, but need community-inviting designs that bring more groups together and extra sensitivity around employment.

3. Accountability.
Nonviolent direct action is a broad category. While many of us like nothing more than seeing TikTok videos of letting down SUV tyres, it is important that we keep Extinction Rebellion UK an inclusive space, so that people who have never taken action before can feel safe and considered to join. The movement remains committed to accountability - standing by actions of conscience.

4. Storytelling.
Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) will be very visible during the hot summer and the lead up to CoP28 in November; both are opportunities to bring more people into direct action.

Climate justice, global inequality, reparations and debt cancellation campaigns are even more central at this time and groups should be prepared to support local diaspora communities of the most affected regions.

Highlighting media corruption and political failure remains a story we want to tell.

5. Creativity.
‘Flatpack’ actions with messaging and templates that are easily shared and customised, eg. Dirty Water signs or origami boat letters can take off nationwide.

New XRUK messaging & design pack will be available on July 30th.

6. People’s Pickets
These were developed for The Big One to bring groups with separate campaigns together around common targets. Think of using this model to invite collaboration and defection from within corporations and in solidarity with trade union pickets. Remember, these have legal restraints on the numbers of unionists that can demonstrate at any one time. Standing shoulder to shoulder and building alliances is powerful for building people power.

7. Inclusivity.
Fascist behaviour and dog whistle narratives which scapegoat migrants, travellers, trans people and Black, Indigenous and communities of colour, need to be pushed back on. Human rights have traditionally been fought by those whose rights were being diminished. This means it’s not enough to not be racist. This is the time to be pro-actively anti-racist and learning from our fellow community members who are marginalised, criminalised and treated as easy targets.

8. Pride.
Each action you do as Extinction Rebellion sends a signal to others that we stand together. Visibility generates confidence in others to step up. While it is always right to be respectful of other groups’ wishes, it is of no use to the wider ecology of movements for XRUK to tone down its message, when it is recognition that attracts people to XRUK and that is valuable to other movements.