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What Next?

NOTE: This Strategy has been replaced at the end of February 2024 by the new Actions Strategy- Pathway to Rebellion. This resource will be maintained for a little while for those who need it but will eventually be moved to the archive.


UK Actions Strategy is a Local Strategy.

For the next nine months, XRUK's focus will be amplifying local alliance building and mobilisation actions and activities. Every local action, big or small, is part of the unifying story of UK-wide rebellion because it targets the same problem – the need to upgrade democracy by giving the power to decide our futures back to us, the people.

Local 'Big Ones'.

A project to develop the successes of The Big One locally will help coordinate our energies and increase our visibility and impact. Starting on September 30th, local groups are invited to plan or support six united days of community action, recurring on the last Saturday of every month until February 24th 2024. These local or ‘Little Big Ones’ will focus on local alliance-building, community assemblies and creative nonviolent direct actions. This gives groups up to 6 opportunities to cocreate an event with local communities that have a tangible community benefit and share learning and ideas nationally.


The priority is to complement local work, not detract from work that is already happening. Some local groups and regions have community focuses with different, relevant dates and actions already being planned, including targeting coal mines and incinerators. These are exactly what’s needed and can be the centre of your days of community action. Other groups might not feel they have capacity to sustain 6 monthly days of action; Regions and Nations may instead choose to focus on a single ‘Local Big One’ event and support other nearby groups in the following months.


XRUK Actions Circles will facilitate decentralised organising to amplify common local issues nationwide and focus on tailoring support to the diverse needs of local groups, including the sharing of ‘flatpack’ recipes for successful actions around Dirty Water, Clean Air, Biodiversity, collective non-payment of energy and water bills, debt, Housing and Detention Centres and more.