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Pathway to Rebellion- 2024

Actions Strategy 2024


Slide deck explaining the plan.

This actions strategy was produced by the UK Actions Circle to support the wider XRUK Movement Strategy. It's all about empowering rebels in Local Groups and to bring more people into Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA).

This is an evolution on the previous strategy which was very focused on local group development and alliance building. Now we need to take all of that amazing work and focus it into increased NVDA. NVDA is XR’s main purpose, as we believe that large scale, sustained NVDA is the most effective way to create pressure for the changes we need. And we know that actions breed actions; people seeing XR taking action brings more people into our movement.

Video released at the start of 2024 to kick start this new phase

Mini Rebellions

In the year ahead, there will be ‘mini-rebellions’, focusing on key themes for short periods of action (like Insure our Future) where we come together, feel good, and make change! They will be accessible, inclusive, creative and powerful. Probably around every 3 months and not always in London!

If you’re already doing great stuff - keep going!

Local campaigns are fantastic for engaging your community, building relationships with other groups/organisations and breaking down the barriers for people to take action.

If your group already has a winning local campaign going (e.g Farnborough Airport Action), then please keep going with that!

Monthly Themes

There will also be ‘umbrella messaging’ themes which should allow your action to fit in with everything else which is going on, so it can be showcased and amplified. They are also designed to help build relationships with other organisations.

  • Upgrade Democracy[*]- OCTOBER
    • With the general election this year, October will be all about upgrading democracy and the 3rd demand.
    • Action Pack coming soon
  • Global Climate Justice- MAY
    • May will be all about global climate justice and supporting activists around the world.
    • Action Pack
  • Climate Criminals and Enablers- JULY
    • July will be all about the oily climate criminals and enablers
    • Action Pack coming soon
  • Social Justice- AUGUST
  • Ecological Justice and Nature- JUNE & SEPTEMBER
    • June and September will be all about ecological justice and biodiversity and will include an exciting Nature March Action.
    • Action Pack

[*] - a monthly theme in its own right, but also a golden thread woven though all other themes

For more explanation of the themes and inspiration for types of actions to take see this slideshow.

As with everything in XR- these themes are an invitation, not a rule- if your Local Group finds them useful, use them! If you want to carry on with the campaigns you're already focusing on, do that! If you can tie these themes into those campaigns, even better!

Diary of themes (subject to change):


Planning Actions

Join this open Action Planning Telegram group and check out the Rebel Toolkit guidance. on planning actions.

If you are looking for new inspiration check out this amazing book: Blueprint For Revolution by Sroja Popovic.

Monthly Action Design Workshop
The next Action Design Workshop will be:
Tue 13 Feb, 19:00-20:30
Register for the workshop

Recent anti-protest legislation

This is no doubt putting some people off - the answer? Creative, fun, humorous and inclusive actions - which is exactly what XR is great at! ‘Laughtervism’ can be very effective, even in the most oppressive contexts.
Check out this Tedx talk for inspiration.

Citizens’ Assemblies

We want to communicate more about them - to create word recognition around CAs. Just having the words ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’ and phrases like ‘Let the People Decide’ at every action helps get these conversations started.

Learn More

General Election

We should be careful not to get too fixated on the election. We should be sticking to our system change agenda and our 3rd Demand - not patching up an electoral system which won’t/can’t deliver. There is a risk our energy could be diverted to traditional forms of campaigning, let's focus on NVDA and what makes us different. Some more detailed guidance written Dec 2023 on XRUK's position on this.

Keep spreading the word

Make a splash with Paint the Streets activities - this can be an exciting first step for new rebels. Also learn more about 'media and messaging' - how to use social media and press to amplify your actions.

Action strategy

More detail in this presentation of the new phase of the Action Strategy
Text only version of the above slides

UK Open call on Sunday 11th Feb Watch the Open Call recording on YouTube