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Informed Dissent main webpage Link

Informed Dissent Resources

Welcome to Informed Dissent. This website provides resources to help you make informed decisions...

How we care for one another

Rebel Next Steps Pack

Principle 8: we avoid blaming and shaming. We do not waste energy or sow division by attacking...

Design Programme V1.1

Design Graphic Design Resources

The Design Programme V1.1 Made by XR for XR -- fonts, logos, colours, woodblock images, icons T...

Do or Die, Life or Death, We Act In peace: V4_2

Art Blockers UK Patches

Click on the Image below to access the patches described here: Do Or Die (Half Alive Smiley) ...

Why We're Taking Action and You Should Join Us Booklet

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Wake Up Act Now Booklet for sharing from Arts WG If you click on the images you will be taken to...

Sabliers / Sandtimers

Art Blockers UK

Pink Background

Rebel for Life Dolphin, 2050 death, Act Now V4_3

Art Blockers UK Patches

All White backgrounds with Black text and images Reflect Rebel Relinquish 2050 Skull and Sand...

XR UK Arts Contacts

Arts Contacts

XR Art groups and creative communities are growing across the movement. These groups are at the h...

Principles and Values Poster

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

For access to this open resource click on the image itself


Rebel Next Steps Pack

Principle 6: we welcome everyone and every part of everyone. This principle is our commitment ...

Bust Cards Links for Each UK Region

Informed Dissent Resources

Note: the following bustcards have been amended on February 2023. If you accessed the bustcards b...

How we protect one another

Rebel Next Steps Pack

Data Protection How we protect your data: XR Privacy Policy. For queries or requests about yo...

Volunteer Website

Integrator Handbook Recruiting new rebels This website works just like a jobs board and aims to help vo...

Why do we need new rebels?

Integrator Handbook Preparing for new rebels

For a movement that aims to mobilise 3.5% of the population, that seems like a daft question! How...

Inviting Rebels to the Hub and Mattermost

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new rebels

New Rebels can find out about using the XR Communications Hub here. Ask the Group Admin (formerl...

Supporting your new rebels

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new rebels

Access needs Find out about your new rebel's access needs and any other ways they may need to be...

Integrator (Onboarder) Training and Support

Integrator Handbook

Integrator (Onboarder) training: Here's the link to the slides used in the Integrator Training...

Witnessing an Arrest

Informed Dissent Resources

Witnessing an Arrest Link to Main page for this info and more: Main points on this page: Bas...

Frequently Used Laws at a Protest

Informed Dissent Resources

Frequently used laws at a protest Link to page Info included in the above link: Obstructi...

1. An Introduction

About The Rebel Toolkit A Toolkit Introduction

What is the Rebel Toolkit? The Rebel Toolkit - a platform to showcase the incredible work of lo...