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Good Practice in Communicating with Disabled People

Engaging Our Rebels We are Everyone

The following information is a guide to issues which affect different groups of people with impairments in terms of communication. It is important to remember each individual has their own needs and strategies – ask them what their particular needs or issues a...

Communication Checklist

Engaging Our Rebels We are Everyone

Written communication Is text colour contrasted with background Is typeface sans serif Is text large enough for most people to see (Are community languages in large print) Is layout clear and easy to follow – avoiding columns and box inserts – (altho...

Not in a Working Group but want to add your resources to the Toolkit?

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit NEW: Guidelines for Content Contributors

The Rebel Toolkit is a resource for everyone, built by our rebels. Therefore, if you are a Rebel in a Local Group, a Community Group or in anyway involved and you feel like you have something to add, then please let us know! What to Add? So your group has done...


Outreach Methods and Materials Ways to do outreach

XR flyposting is putting up beautiful posters in public spaces to: advertise upcoming events; promote our name; establish our symbology in the public consciousness highlight our demands. Also, you are engaging with a mildly illegal action such as flyp...

Local Group
Practical Guide

Access & Inclusion Checklist

Action Planning Before Action

Before You Start Is everybody in the discussion aware of Extinction Rebellion's 'Principles and Values'? Is there a wide array of disabled voices in the discussion space, reflecting the diversity of the movement? Is there sufficient time in the ...

Contacting MPs

Rebel from Home Political Letter Writing

Guidance for writing to your MP including example letters. It's best to write a personalised one rather than copy and pasting. Find your MPs contact details here. Here's a list of all MP email addresses in one place. Sending an email is great, but posting ...

Contacting 'difficult' MPs

Rebel from Home Political Letter Writing

Some of us are in strong Tory or DUP seats or with MPs who have had very poor records on Climate. But that doesn’t mean we give up! If anything we fight harder for representation. If you have made any progress with your difficult MPs please tell us what you d...

Free The Truth

Rebel from Home

This Action took place in 2020 - Have a read through - it may inspire you! Contents The Action | Extra Press Contacts | Example BBC Complaints letters The Action Friday 4th - Saturday 5th Sept Whats going on? This action follows a national flyposting campaign ...

Writing to the Mayor of London - Example Letter

Rebel from Home Political Letter Writing

Email: Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with great concern about the actions of the Metropolitan Police last night and more generally across the whole of this round of Extinction Rebellion protests. From the start of this action, th...

Informed Dissent main webpage Link

Arrestee and Legal Support (From original material) Informed Disse...

Welcome to Informed Dissent. This website provides resources to help you make informed decisions when protesting in the England and Wales. If you do have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at: We are an gr...

Bust Cards Links for Each UK Region

Arrestee and Legal Support (From original material) Informed Disse...

This page is in the process of being replaced. Note: the following bustcards have been amended on February 2023. If you accessed the bustcards before that, please delete those versions and use the new versions below. XR Note: XR bustcards are different to thos...

Frequently Used Laws at a Protest

Arrestee and Legal Support (From original material) Informed Disse...

Frequently used laws at a protest Link to page Info included in the above link: Obstruction of the Highway Conditions Placed on a Protest Trespass and Aggravated Trespass Criminal Damage and Theft Breach of the Peace Public Nuisance Obstruction o...

Witnessing an Arrest

Arrestee and Legal Support (From original material) Informed Disse...

This page is being replaced. Witnessing an Arrest Link to Main page for this info and more: Main points on this page: Basic Info about witnessing an Arrest 5 Key messages for an arrestee A video on Witnessing an arrest When at a protest, there is no such th...


Design Core Design Programme

We have a standard set of colours for our publications, which are documented in the Design Programme, which is available on the Cloud (accessible via the Hub) by searching for "Design Programme". As it is a large PDF, here is a light-weight summary of the col...

What is a Local Group?

Building Local Groups

We organise in small, autonomous groups distributed around the world. These groups are connected in a complex web that is constantly evolving as we grow and learn. We are working to build a movement that is participatory, decentralised, and inclusive. A Local ...

Local Group

How to find your people

Building Local Groups

First you’ll want to gather those that are sympathetic or interested in the Rebellion in your area Check to see if there is already a group in your area by looking at this UK MAP OF LOCAL GROUPS. There may already be an email or social media account. Try to c...

Heading for Extinction

Integrator (Onboarder) Training and Support

Integrator Handbook

Integrator (Onboarder) training: Here's the link to the slides used in the Integrator Training sessions for Local Groups and Integrator Training sessions for Working Groups Resources for new rebels: Intro to XR Foundation Programme Sign-up For info and...

Supporting your new rebels

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new rebels

Access needs Find out about your new rebel's access needs and any other ways they may need to be kept safe. These may include any disclosed disability that might affect their participation in our community (such as the use of assistive technologies to read ema...

Inviting Rebels to the Hub and Mattermost

Integrator Handbook Welcoming new rebels

New Rebels can find out about using the XR Communications Hub here. Ask the Group Admin) for your group / team to send a Hub invite to your new Rebel member using their personal email address. If you don't have a Group Admin / don't know who your Group Admin i...

Why do we need new rebels?

Integrator Handbook Preparing for new rebels

For a movement that aims to mobilise 3.5% of the population, that seems like a daft question! However, it can be useful to think about why we need new people beyond just the obvious. New rebels are the lifeblood of every team We know we need numbers to win. We...