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Extra Markdown Hints

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit Contributing - The Technical Side

Markdown is used to make headings, bold, bulleted lists etc on the Rebel Toolkit pages. This page contains tips for formatting your pages. For basic instructions on using Markdown, we recommend The Markdown Guide or search online for Markdown. Here is a fairly...

Bird Skeleton Making Guide

Design Ideas for Actions Design Elements

XR Skeletons Rebellion As the Climate & Ecological crisis deepens around the world our beautiful feathered friends are dwindling in numbers. Join us in making a skeleton model of an endangered bird, using (mainly) recycled materials from your lock-down ho...

XR Cymru bilingual endangered species posters

The Arts Wiki

Bilingual posters for XR Cymru asking people to support both CEE Bill and Six Principles campaigns.

How do we genuinely welcome everyone?

Integrator Handbook Preparing for new volunteers

To genuinely welcome everyone we must be inclusive For guidance on Inclusivity in XR, start here. More useful resources: Inclusivity-disability Resources Pack Neurodiverse and disabled rebels inclusion pages of the toolkit. You can contact Disabled Rebels...

We Want To Live - Sep 2020

Design Design Packs

This design pack reflects the multiple narratives running through our struggle, and is intended to give everyone in XR a way to tell our story. The PDF of of this design pack is available here Contents ofthe Booklet:

Blocker Training

Art Blockers Training and guides

Flag Making

Art Blockers Training and guides

For a video guide to make a symbol flag click here. And for a video guide to make a quadrant flag click here.

How to Print

Art Blockers Training and guides

Art Assets

Art Blockers Training and guides

What are Art Assets? Visual materials such as flags, fabric banners, roadblock banners and vinyl banners. Fabric banners (human sized banners): 1.90 x 1.50 metres standard size. Material: cotton. Wording (e.g. DEEDS NOT WORDS etc.) + large woodblock pri...

All XR Badges

Art Blockers Badges

59mm Roundel Badges

Art Blockers Badges

Block Library Cutting Guide

Art Blockers Block Artwork

Block Artwork Links

Art Blockers Block Artwork

January 2020 New Blocks Abs In The Eyes Acorn - LARGE All Day Breakfast Art Blockers Baguette Beans On Toast Bee With Hexagon Big Eyes Birds Bloomer Breaking Bread Chain - CURVED Chain - EXTRA LINKS Chain - STRAIGHT ...

Block Master

Art Blockers Block Artwork

Block Master - March 2020 Click on the images to enlarge to true scale.

Flag Template Links

Art Blockers Flag Templates

Flag Templates FULL SIZE Bee Template FULL SIZE Symbol Template For a guide to flag making click here.

Flag Label

Art Blockers Flag Templates

Click on the image to make full size.

Things You Will Need

Art Blockers Paris '68 Redux

Stencil pdf Links

Art Blockers Paris '68 Redux

And Stencils & &.1 &.2 &.3 &.4 Cross Bones Sencils Cross Bones Cross Bones.1 Cross Bones.2 Cross Bones.3 Cross Bones.4 Empathy, Humility for Life Empathy Humility for Life Empathy Humility for Life.1 Empathy H...

Privacy and Security

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

How private is your data on the XR communication services? Data on our new services is held in an encrypted partition on a server in Switzerland (which has excellent data protection laws). Should we receive the statutory 24 hours notice of a data access reques...

Winds Of Change Stencils

Art Blockers Paris '68 Redux

To learn more about Winds of Change watch our video here Hovering Crow Hovering crow 1 Hovering crow layout Hovering Crow 2 Crow Landing Crow Landing 1 Crow Landing 2 Crow Landing Layout Crow Take Off Crow take off layout Crow take o...