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Connecting Through Life Stories


What is this training about?

We can do amazing things when we come together as a united force, and hold together through the many difficulties that we face.

This means building good, strong relationships with each other and learning how to reach out and build relationships with the wider population.

We have found that asking people to share their life stories with each other is a very powerful way to bring people together in many situations. It is also very simple – anyone can do it.

This combination of power and simplicity suggests it has the potential to bring deep benefits on a wide scale. Everyone is welcome to this workshop.

We’re also looking for people who would like to learn how to run 'Connecting Through Life Stories' groups.

We use a very simple format, and so learning to do it is just taking part in a sharing stories group at the start of this workshop, and then staying on for a little extra instruction and discussion.


Sessions are held over zoom and last 1 hour 15 mins, plus an optional 30 minutes at the end to learn how to run this workshop yourself.


Connecting Through Life Stories runs monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month from 7-8.15 (or 8.45).

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